1. Church of Saint Lazarus

The Church of Saint Lazarus is a 9th century Greek Orthodox Church. The tradition says that a tomb was found in Larnaca with the inscription saying “Lazarus, four days dead, friend of Christ”. It’s a beautiful Church worth visiting if you travel to Larnaca.


2. Khirokitia

Khirokitia is an archeological site in Larnaca district dated back to the Neolithic age. The site values as a proof of an organized functional society. One of the most popular prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean.


3. Hala Sultan Tekke

Hala Sultan Tekke is a Muslim shrine located near the Larnaca Salt Lake. A mausoleum, a mosque, a minaret, quarters for men and women and a cemetery consist the shrine. Hala Sultan Tekke is listed as an ancient monument in Larnaca.


4. Larnaca Castle

Larnaca Castle was built to defend the harbor of Larnaca town and was later used as an artillery station, a prison and a museum. It was constructed in the 12th century and is one of the most famous landmarks of Larnaca.


5. Catacomb of Phaneromeni Church

The catacomb is dated in the 8th century when it was being used as a church. In the 20th century Phaneromeni Church was built above it. It’s a beautiful place to visit.


6. Finikoudes beach

Finikoudes is one of the most famous places to visit in Larnaca. The beach is approximately half kilometer long. Behind the beach lies the center of Larnaca full of restaurants, cafeterias, shops and bars.


7. Larnaca salt lake

A characteristic landmark in Larnaca that every traveler should visit. It’s a complex of four salt lakes of different sizes with 85 species of water birds lives around the lake.


8. Larnaca Marina

Larnaca Marina is located in a wonderful environment full of palm trees, yachts and boat. There are lots of restaurants and cafeterias in the area


9. Mackenzie Beach

Mackenzie Beach is one of the most beautiful beach of the Larnaca coast. The golden sand and the crystal clear waters create magical scenery for the visitors!!!