1. Leventis Gallery


The Leventis art Gallery is located near Ledras street and it houses over 800 paintings from many Cypriot and European artists dated from 19th century till today. The outside design of the gallery is a great example of modern Cypriot architecture.

2. Cyprus Museum

Nicosia has the largest and oldest archeological museum in Cyprus which was established in 1882.The museum is home to many artifacts that were discovered during excavations in Cyprus and is a great place to visit not only for the rare collections but also an opportunity for the visitors to immerse themselves in Cypriot Culture and History.


3. Archbishop's Palace

Archbishop's Palace is the residential and office building for the Archbishop of Cyprus and it’s within the walled Nicosia city. The palace was built between 1956 -1960 and has a neo-Byzantine style. However the Palace is closed to the public but the Byzantine Museum, Library of the Archbishopric, Folk Art Museum and the National Struggle Museum located on the same area are open to visitors.


4. Athalassa Park

Athalassa park is a place of serenity in the city center. A great place to take a walk in the nature and relax if you are looking to get away from the city noises. It is located near to University of Cyprus campus in a natural environment where you can take a walk or a ride with your bike through trees and lakes.


5. Laiki Geitonia

Is a traditional neighborhood and market located just 300 meters away from Eleftheria square . Laiki Geitonia it’s a great example of traditional urban architecture in Cyprus and thousands of travelers visit the area every year to enjoy a Cypriot traditional meal or buy souvenirs and traditional Cypriot arts and crafts.

6. Ledras street

Ledras steet is one of the most famous cosmopolitan destinations for travelers who stay in Nicosia. It links North Nicosia and south Nicosia and it’s a traditional street full of shops, cafeterias, bars and restaurants where all travelers will find interesting no matter their age.


7. Venetian Fortifications

One of the most famous landmarks of Nicosia city and tourist attractions are the Venetian walls which encircle the old city from the new city. The walls have a circular shape and contain 11 bastions named after eleven families of the Italian aristocracy.


8. The National Struggle Museum

The National Struggle Museum is located close to the Archbishopric. The museum houses documents, photographic material and personal belongings of the heroes that were related to the rise against the British Colonial rule in 1955-1959.


9. Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion

Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion is located near the Archibishopric, the mansion is a great example of the urban architecture during the last century of the Ottoman rule in the 18th Century


10. Tower25

Tower 25 is one of the tallest buildings in Cyprus designed by the word famous architect Jean Nouvel and slowly became one of the most famous landmarks in Nicosia. Travellers from all over the world who visit the area admire the unique modern design of the tower.